All new SureFlap microchip pet products carry a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase, subject to proof of purchase. The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl carries a 2-year warranty.

Register your warranty and enter our monthly prize draw to win back the cost of your product!

Last Month's Winner

Sarah Gook07/2016

Won the cost of their feeder back!

Previous Winners

Muriel Moring06/2016

Mags McIlwaine05/2016

Peter Jacobs04/2016

Samantha Willstead03/2016

Marian Scholte02/2016

John Kentisbeer01/2016

Selma Wei12/2015

Ronald Gisinger11/2015

Mrs S Fristo10/2015

Lynne Cumming09/2015

Hannah Dawson08/2015

Peter Charlesworth07/2015

Ron Roper06/2015

Sarah Hooper05/2015

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